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My Story

I am fortunate to have a world of both life simplicity and of tremendous possibility. I migrated and It´s always a dream to go back home visit my father for nth period of time to recharge while not having to worry about losing a job when I get back. My way of life is to find new ways as a solution to whatever time it takes to learn and have that lifestyle I wanted.

Now, what leads me to where I am today was when I came across a YouTube Ad about Stuart's online course I never thought existed. I enrolled even skepticism has skyrocketed. If I did not do it, I would have been stuck wondering what if I did?

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My Mission

Aside from Dressmaking and Tailoring on the sideline, I am an Affiliate Marketer endorsing this Educational platform that guided me through the skills I use to run as an entrepreneur online today. Before this, I have not negotiated even once and not sold an item I can be proud of in my lifetime. But believe me with the technology almost everything is now made faster and easy to find like-minded individuals who see the value of what you have to offer today. 

My business is to share with you a Free Access Educational Workshops where I first discover this business because I know how great it would be to run a business as a solopreneur online if you got to learn it right from the start.

These Workshops gives you the exact blueprint that can quickly put you on the path to growing your income without needing an existing product, service or even idea yet.

I´am a proud Affiliate and a product of this Digital Marketing Education which means if you decide that this is the Education you needed to start, I get a referral fee that comes from their pocket not yours. And I only come out to recommend service and products that will surely help others like it did for me. 

- Pureza Licudine-